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Requirements for obtaining the driver education learner's permit -
Effective December 25, 2014

1.  Students must be 15 years to enroll into a driver education course. 

2.  Students must show Certificate of Driver Education (Form CDE). This document will be emailed after successful enrollment

3.  Students must show student’s original birth certificate and social security card. Parent must show valid ID, original birth certificate or passport, 2 bills for proof of residency. Click link above to navigate to complete list of requirements.

Road Test Waiver

     Driver Education grades are based on pass/fail. Students must PASS with 80% or better in both the classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction to successfully complete the course.

     Two weeks after completion of driver education or after your 16th birthday, you may call our office to schedule a road test with one of our instructors. There is a fee of $30 for the road test.

      The CIESC Road Test is not available if enrolled in online class only, traditional class only or in-car instruction only.

Probationary Licensing
- New law effective July 1, 2015

     Defined as "a license issued to an individual less than eighteen(18) years of age."

     Students that have met the following requirements may apply for their probationary license at 16 years and 90 days. : 

  1. successfully pass driver education program (both class and in-car instruction)
  2. held permit for 180 days
  3. successfully complete final road skills test (with CIESC or BMV)
  4. completed a 50-hour log

     All drivers up to age 21 must adhere to the 180 day passenger and night- time restrictions

  1. No passengers except sibling, child or spouse.
  2. Front seat passenger must be 25 years or older with valid license.
  3. No driving between 10pm and 5am
  4. No cell phone use while operating vehicle

   All drivers that have not participated in a driver education program may apply for their probationary license at at 16 years and 270 days.